3 Reasons to Avoid Do it Yourself Credit Repair

If you have had problems getting loans or other accounts due your payment history, you are probably interested in information about improving your report and your score which holds a lot of weight in getting your application approved. You may be looking for an e-book, book, articles, or other information about do it yourself credit repair. As a professional counselor in the finance industry, I advise against taking on the task on your own. There are three reasons for this:

Reason # 1: The process is confusing

The steps that are taken to improve your creditability can be incomprehensible as well as incredibly stressful. A lot of people engage in repairing credit because they think it is simple and there is a lot of information online that simply that it is easy. More likely than not, they end up disappointed after they have spent a lot of time on their mission. Usually, most look for professional assistance or they just give up on the concept all together.

Reason # 2: Most available information is unreliable

There are some professional experts that provide advice about improving your FICO score; however, this information is scarce because the experts make their money by providing services, not offering information. Most of the information that you find on the internet is from info-marketers, not experts in the industry. They make their money from providing information, whether it is valid or not. Therefore, you can not rely on that information.

Reason # 3: You can obtain professional services for repairing credit at a reasonable cost

A professional counselor who specializes in the process is your best bet if you really want to improve your credibility. They can offer sound information as well as providing services that will be beneficial to you. Most offer a free consultation, a 180-day contract and a guaranty that your score will improve in that time for a reasonable fee. Why waste your time with do it yourself credit repair when you can put a professional to work for you?

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Source by Laurence H. Michelson

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