5 Reasons Why You Should Pay Off Credit Card Bills Early

Tired of looking at that overwhelming credit card statement every month? If so, do not surrender just yet! Sure, the figure on the bill might be rather daunting, but with some discipline and a winning attitude, it can be eliminated to zeros sooner than you might ever imagine. If a little encouragement to take action is just the medicine needed, try these 5 reasons why you should pay off credit card bills early …

1. It's Money in the Bank – By getting rid of that scary credit card balance for once and for all, it's amazing just how much farther the paycheck goes each and every month. True, sticking with paying only the minimum is one way to go, but it can take easily 20 years on average to pay off a balance that way. Put money previously used for paying finance charges back in your bank as soon as possible.

2. Paying Off Balances is Good for the Credit History – There are no surprises with this concept. By paying down balances as early as possible, you'll be improving your credit report too at the exact same time. Maintaining less than a 30% balance to available credit ratio is preferred for good credit, but zero debt is just better for the pocketbook all around.

3. Rewards Will Be Worth More – Most of the time, any rewards earned from credit reward programs are erased by the extra interest paid if the bills are not paid in full. This completely defeats the purpose of having a credit card reward program in the first place. Pay off the credit card bills for once and for all and begin to make your money work harder for you finally with the rewards you earn.

4. Saves Lots of Stress – Financial burdens are known for causing their fair share of relationship problems and other nasty stresses. By doing what it takes to knock out the balances that constantly wear the mind (and body) down, happiness will begin to take the place previously occupied by excessive debt and stress. Seriously, not having to worry about where the money will come from for that next minimum payment is a huge relief.

5. Live Like a Millionaire – Guess what most millionaires have in common … If you answered that they're totally debt-free, you're absolutely correct. Financial blessings and debt do not work well together at all. And sure, money does not exactly buy happiness, but not having money to contribute to a state of perpetual unhappiness. Pay off the credit card bills in full and the momentum will encourage change for better financial health.

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