Ben Pakulskis MI40 Workout Program Review – Will MI40 Help You Gain Muscle Mass Or Not

The MI40 workout by Ben Pakulski is a cutting edge bodybuilding system designed to help you shed body fat and pack on muscle mass. When properly followed MI40 will give impressive gains, lets take a look at this system a bit more in detail below!

The MI40 package includes not only a detailed workout program but also tons of valuable information on proper diet and nutrition as well as proper supplementation to achieve maximum muscle growth. The system is composed of PDF Ebooks and mp4 instructional exercise videos.
What Are The Principles Of MI40

The theory behind Ben pakulskis MI40 program is very simple. You are taught to do the exercises in the proper way so that you can engage and keep tension on the target muscles as opposed to the supporting muscles. This is something most people get wrong and it is costing them huge gains in muscle mass.

What I mean by targeted tension is that Ben will teach you how to make your chest do the work in bench press as opposed to your triceps and front delts. Or when you squat how to isolate your quadriceps instead of letting your glutes and hamstrings do the majority of the work.

Why Is Targeted Tension Important?

Keeping adequate targeted tension on the desired muscle is critical for two reasons. The first reason is that by activating the intended muscle you will stimulate more growth in that muscle group giving you faster more impressive gains.

Secondly by letting the target muscle do the majority of the work supporting the muscles wont be over trained and will be ready for targeted training themselves.

You Need To Fuel To Recover Properly From The Training

Ben not only goes over proper training methods but he also covers in detail the proper diet and nutrition methods needed to maximize growth. The nutrition manual is a very detailed part of the MI40 program and when you are done reading the nutrition manual you will have all you need to eat the proper things at the right times to put your body into a growing anabolic state.

Proper Supplementation Is Critical To Success

Once you are educated on eating the right way to ensure growth Ben will go over supplementation in order to sky rocket your recovery. Ben does recommend a few supplements but nothing out of the ordinary.

Ben also goes into timing supplementation to ensure maximum results form your workouts and supplements.To be successful with MI40 you will not have to spend a fortune on supplements. When i bought my supplement stack for MI40 i spent about $ 125.

Another nice thing is that Ben breaks down different scenarios for supplementation such as well being, general health, muscle gains and insulin sensitivity. All good information that you can put in place with any program you are on. This will also help you get the most out of your supplement.

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