Business Credit Card Application – 5 Reasons To Apply

Credit card companies are very competitive when it comes to getting you fill out their business credit card applications. Recently they have taken to offering incentives to people willing to open a credit account with them. The offers vary from card to card with some being better than others. Following are descriptions of the five most common types of rewards programs offered by companies to capture your business.

Points and / or Miles Rewards

Almost every credit card company offers a business card with a point incentive or travel miles reward program. They're all based on the same principle. Your business will earn one mile (or point or whatever they want to call it) for each dollar you spend on credit. The points can then be used for a number of different things depending on the program. Some allow you to "purchase" gift cards, plane tickets, vacations, etc with the points.

Cash Back

Some credit cards offer a percentage of each purchase as cash back to the consumer. These cards are generally considered the best of the credit cards rewards but they can often be attached to higher interest cards, or worse, cards with an annual fee. Shop around in order to get the highest percentage cash back as possible. The average is about 3% for business credit cards. Before filling out the business credit card application, read the fine print to find out the percentage for the cash back rewards.

Discount On Frequently Used Services

Some credit card companies offer discounts to businesses on services their companies use frequently such as car rentals and hotel stays. These discounts may or may not be useful for your specific circumstances. With just a little research, you can probably find at least one discount that your business can use. All discounts should be clearly listed on the business credit card application under 'Terms'.

Pre-set Employee Spending Limits

Many business credit cards allow the person in charge to set individual limits on the additional employees cards. This can be helpful in delegating purchasing power without having to worry about overspending on the part of your staff.

Detailed Monthly Reports For Every Card

Each business credit card offers monthly statements for each card on the account. This is a major time saver for accounting purposes. It can also prove useful when designing a budget. By seeing where the majority of our money is going (in plain print), you're better prepared to know where to cut back for the success of your business.

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