Court Reporting Wages And Profile

Court reporting wages are often thought of as being immensely desirable. It is a job profile that is rewarded handsomely in all regions of the country. Statistics for 2009 indicate that the median salary for such a position in the US was nearly fifty thousand dollars. So what exactly are the factors that will determine the take home salary? Check out the following information to find out.

All states have different requirements when it comes to being a licensed court stenographer. This could involve becoming a notary or passing written exams. There will also be a big difference in wage between official reporters and those that work on a freelance basis.

To stand a chance of taking home the highest possible wage it is vital to be real-time ready. This is of greater importance today as advances in communication have dramatically altered the profile of these individuals. Being able to write cleanly and professionally when listening to a deposition would be a prerequisite. If the days in court are long then there is the potential to make thousands of bucks in a day.

It is often thought that becoming an official reporter in a court is a more stable occupation than working freelance. You would get a respectable base salary as well as various benefits. On top of this you can be paid for each page that is transcribed. What happens to the information your write down will depend upon the nature of the case in question. Sometimes the records are simply stored away whereas in other situations they may be referred back to.

Another interesting option is to become a reporter that is trained in computer aided real-time translation. As no final transcripts need to be made, the pay is primarily based on the number of hours worked. The dialogue you copy would be used to help hearing impaired individuals who would otherwise struggle to keep up with the proceedings.

As the demand for stenography shows no sign of saying you could even consider setting up your own agency relating to this field. This would be preferable if you have already spent your time sitting behind a steno machine for many years. You will need to find attorneys to work with and then hire court reporters to cover their proceedings. If you want a career that is rewarding mentally and financially then you could do far worse than setting off on the path to becoming a professional court reporter. The wages make this a career that can give a person the security that they want.

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