Credit Worthiness

Credit Worthiness is an important business and personal asset each person has to manage. I mean this is an asset which could make or break business relationships and interestingly in some cases personal relationships. This is a complex abstract thing that is evaluated in many ways by different entities. What factors contribute to the credit worthiness is really dependent on the case for which this is evaluated. Mostly for small debts or purchases the credit worthiness is just a credit card reference, but for larger one it starts with that but really ends with a personal visit by evaluators. The typical purchases where your credit worthiness dictates your payment terms are credit cards, real estate purchases, business credit, and any type of loans. This is also used to judge the qualification of foster parents, just to mention a diverse application of the concept. Given that the number of factors that contribute to this worthiness, it is worth mentioning the few important ones. And try to make sure your credit worthiness is in the positive side.

The first and foremost thing that companies and entities use to evaluate credit worthiness is the credit history. This can give your entity buying pattern to the current current amount owed to others. The main factor that people are looking for is your payment pattern. They are interested in knowing if you missed any payments, got some canceled due to non payments. These comments are added to the credit history. To make sure you are not penalized erroneously you got to be on a constant lookout for your credit history report. There are many companies which offer the alerting service when there are comments added to your credit history. If you are planning on big purchases then you would like to make sure you subscribe to one of these services. The more accounts you have managed to acquire and positively closed, the more you are credit worthy. There is one more mechanism that companies use known as credit circles where they share the payment history of the clients and customers. It is very important that you make the regular minimum without fail and please do subscribe to the auto-pay for the minimum payments.

The other important things employed are bank references, and when appropriate trade references. The one more important thing to understand is that you may provide any number of references but the companies typically just give weight to 50% of the references only. They know that people do not give references to transactions where even a bit of negative energy. They give out positive references only, so the companies actively go out to fetch references. Once you make sure you have a good credit worthiness it is important to make a comparison shop when applying for any type of loan, mortgage etc. There are some good websites that take the pain out of completing 20 different forms and maintaining contact with so many folks. It has become a lot easier to get the best terms for your credit application.

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