Do not Let Credit Card Debt Sneak Up On You

If you're thinking about getting your first credit card, you should consider this:

Many Americans find themselves in so much debt, it's hard for them to keep up. When the card bills begin to stack up, it can lead to many financial difficulties. If you ask anyone with credit card debt what they are going through, they will probably tell you what a total nightmare they are in.

Why not just avoid credit card debt altogether?

This might seem like an impossible thought at first. But if you talk to anyone that has gotten into credit card debt, they will tell you what a horrible nightmare they are in. Thats because it can take forever to pay off a maxed out card. After interest and late penalties, you might wind up spending thousands of dollars to get out of debt. You might want the convenience that a credit card can bring you, but it's not worth lying awake at night wondering how you're going to make the next payment.

Do not get me wrong, a credit card can be great in emergency situations. Most people these days use credit cards for shopping sprees. They do not keep track of their spending and are blown away when their statement comes in.

If you decide to get a credit card, you just have to remember to keep the spending under control. Using a credit card can become very addictive. In reality, it's hard to do any business transaction any other way. You do not see anyone writing checks or paying with cash at the grocery store anymore. For example, you can use credit cards to pay for gas and food.

While all of these great uses for credit are beneficial, it can cause you to wind up with a big credit card bill at the end of the month. If you do not pay your balance off, it can send you down a spiral of uncontrollable debt.

Learn to control you spending so you can stay out of debt and build a good credit score. First, remember that what when you charge something, you are taking out a loan. Even if you just charge five dollars to buy a burger, you took out an unsecured loan to finance your lunch. Does that sound right to you?

Once you start using credit cards, remember that it is not free money. You will be paying back everything you run up on it plus interest. Save every receipt each month and keep a log of what you have spent with your credit card.

What is the best way to keep your credit card problems under control? Pay off your credit card each month. It's as simple as that. By staying on top of your credit, you will start out with the kind of habits that will lead to a life of good credit use without uncontrollable debt. And that is a great gift to give yourself early in life.

Source by Toni Laveri

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