Does Jelqing Work? 3 Reasons Why Most Men Never Get a Huge Penis Using it and Stay Embarrassed!

Firstly I am sorry for being so direct with my title, but I like to get straight to the point. The reality is, you are here to find out about Jelqing. So does Jelqing work? Also what are the 3 reasons why most guys never get a huge penis using it?

OK, I will answer all of your questions as promised. Firstly let me address the first one. In my opinion, yes it does work. However, the more important question should be does Jelqing work permanently? and will it work for you? Now those would be smart questions.

The quick answer to those questions would be yes, if you do not make the same mistakes that I am going to highlight below.

I am going to break down because most men are likely to not get a huge penis using it. I will provide 3 clear points. My goal for this article is to answer the question – does Jelqing work? Once and for all. Also help you to not make the common mistakes many have before. Here are the 3 points I promised:

1) Frustration: As I mentioned earlier, in my opinion, Jelqing does work. However the first reason why most guys fail to get that huge penis they crave is simple. They let their frustration over take their belief. You see, when you are desperate to increase your penis size you become impatient.

They look at their penis everyday and get frustrated. They are doing all of the exercises but no results. So most guys give up before they see the results.

2) Unrealistic Time Frames: Following on from my last point. There is a lot of promises made with penis enlargement. Unfortunately most guys want a huge penis in an unrealistic time frame. They try the exercises for a couple of weeks and complain. Then they question the exercise and ask – does Jelqing really work?

3) Lack Of Focus: The final point I would like to make is regarding focus. For you to get good results you need to be very consistent. That means daily focused exercises. Most guys do not stick to the recommended repetitions.

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