E3 Live – What Are The Benefits of E3 Live? Is It Really The "Fountain Of Youth" Supplement?

First, what is E3 Live ?

E3 Live is a dietary supplement that uses phytoplankton (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), or the "invisible flower of the water" (and called AFA hereafter) that appears to provide many health benefits to the people who take it.

E3 Live is harvested from cultured AFA grown in the waters of Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, which is one of the few mildly alkaline lakes left in the world. Because E3Live is mostly alkaline, it provides a lot of benefits as a natural pH balancer.

E3Live comes in vials that are flash frozen, keeping the phytoplankton dormant, and vital, to maximize the benefit to users. When E3 Live is delivered, it is best to keep it in the freezer; Thaw out a little at a time, and take the recommended dosage (starting at one teaspoon per day, and working up to one tablespoon per day). The unused portion of E3 Live is kept frozen to maintain freshness.

Second, what are the benefits of E3 Live? Is E3 Live the fountain of youth anti-aging supplement that some users purport it to be?

Many users of E3Live have said that experience a wide range of benefits, ranging from appetite maintenance, to regular digestion, to helping to retard, or even reverse, some of the physical properties of aging.

The AFA phytoplankton in E3 Live has a lot of phytonutrients, which have the ability to scavenge the body's free radicals and help balance the pH of your blood stream, which invigorates and gives energy to many E3Live users.

E3 Live may also help balance your blood sugar levels (somewhat as a side effect of altering your blood pH) and can help "clear" the receptors that result in insulin resistant types of diabetes.

E3 Live has also been proven in studies to promote healthy high density cholesterol levels, which act as scrubbers to break up plaques on arterial linings.

Cosmetically, people who have a diet high in AFA may get most of the benefits of E3 Live , including shinier hair, longer and stronger nails, reductions in wrinkling, and better resistance to the effects of sunlight on skin.

E3 Live has also been demonstrated in many users to boost their immune system, help cleanse their digestive tracts of foreign materials, and in some cases, help stabilize mood swings.

All of the benefits of E3 Live may be worth exploring to see if E3 live is right for you.

Feeling younger, having more energy, reversing premature aging, improving mental focus and concentration; These all sound great – but can E3 Live give them to you?

E3 Live's benefits sound almost too good to be true.

However, based on the studies and the testimonials of users – the potential benefits from taking E3 Live may be worth taking the time to investigate.

Source by Susan Helton

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