Financial Consumer Agency of Canada – Credit Report

About six years ago, we created a series of energetic 15-second “Tip Clips” for FCAC. They were a hit, but as time has gone by, their branding has shifted and the consumer-facing material now revolves around the “Floyd Family”.

We did substantial work creating and evolving Floyd, his wife Elise, his kids and his dog… and have built several sets of videos, infographics, animated GIFs and banner ads, helping FCAC get great traction for the messaging, which revolves around the need for financial literacy.

In early 2017, FCAC approached us to ask us to re-imagine the 2011 Tip Clips, and we did just that, bringing them in line with current organizational branding AND giving new life to what was already top-notch creative. Naturally, we built the seven short videos on the Floyd Family “platform”.

A great project, and an example of smart asset recycling!

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