How to Do Criminal Records Searches

Any individual applying for a new job will find the application will always ask about previous crimes. While it is easy for the potential employee to not report this information on the application, it is difficult to hide from a criminal records search. Most companies will perform some sort of background check on potential employees, but not all companies will check previous criminal activities.

A company could end up hiring employees that have criminal records without conducting a search for this type of information. Depending on the size and type of the company, it may only conduct searches through local or state agencies and fails to check information in national databases or previous states of residence. It can also be time consuming to conduct numerous checks on individuals as part of the employment process.

Fortunately there are online services available that can assist with performing criminal records searches. Online services that offer instant search results and say they provide unlimited access to information for a nominal fee often only use one database and have hidden costs and fees. Rather a company should locate an online service that provides manual searches or at the very least conducts online research through many databases. While these types of searches can take a few days to complete, the information will be more accurate. The best online services will offer a wide variety of searches and often times will have experienced private investigators conducting the research and checks.

Also, criminal records searches should be performed using a person's social security number and not just on their date of birth and name. Inaccurate results could be returned since it is easy to falsify information about a person when conducting the search using only the name and date of birth. It is more difficult to do this when using the social security number.

Some online services also offer a self-service portal which is customizable for the business. The company can decide which type of information to collect about a person, such as full name, social security number, date of birth, and current and previous addresses. Further, the company can require that the potential employee enter this information into a website. Once the online service receives the information, they will conduct the search and provide the results to the company. This results a company from having to spend resources and money conducting searches while better utilizing human resource personal for other tasks and job functions.

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