The Three Types of Tradesperson

There are basically three types of tradespeople who seek work from you so you need to learn more about them in order to avoid putting your home and money at risk.

1. The "Fallen on Hard Times" Tradesperson. These are the people who do the out-of-the-usual jobs around the neighborhood to gain beer and cigarette money. They may or may not show up and they may not be licensed or insured. They may be cheapm readily available and are very willing to do the work. But they are really not the type of person you can trust in fixing your home.

2. The "Pay Check" Tradesperson. This person is usually available immediately and possess As a result of this, the job you require will not be completed early. This type of person may be readily available but they are not the best person to call on if you're looking for a professional and long lasting job.

Pay cheque tradespeople are individuals who may only have a few months of actual hands on trade experience. They have no knowledge about the product and are not even knowledgeable about customer service, estimating, or the requirements needed to produce quality finished work for you.

Oftentimes, these tradespeople use low quality materials and do not stand behind their work. They are looking for a pay check from you rather than looking to establish a long term relationship with clients.

The pay cheque tradesperson usually will not measure up your job properly. They will not draw up a contract that specifically outlines the work to be done, type of materials to be used, number of staff required for the job and a time frame to complete the work. You will never know if are getting what you are paying for.

Another alarm signal is that sometimes these tradesperson tell you that they'll work for "time and materials"! They tell you that they will fix your job for an hourly rate, if you 'purchase the materials!'

Avoid these tradespeople as much as possible as they may not have insurance. They usually do not use written estimations and their skills are usually only slightly better than the average handyman.

Your best bet is to avoid any tradesperson who tells you they will "work for an hourly wage if you purchase the materials". You're just risking yourself and your home.

3. Professional Tradesperson. The difference between a 'pay cheque tradesperson' and a 'professional tradesperson' is huge. Experts would tell you that it is not worth the risk using anyone who has no license and insurance and has a strong record of success with many satisfied customers behind them.

So, can you really find a person as a licensed and insured trades professional with quality references and who has the commitment to provide top quality customer service?

Can you really get a professional quality job done today by a trustworthy tradesman at an affordable price?

The answer is a definite yes!

Source by David I Hall

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