Where to Purchase Prepaid Credit Cards From

Are you having problems with where to purchase prepaid credit cards? Well, I just might be able to help you.

Prepaid cards are becoming popular nowdays given the fact that more and more people have found the "typical" charge cards rather financially risky. Furthermore, the latter's "100% guaranteed approval" scheme also makes them excellent alternatives for those people who are not eligible to apply for a credit card either because of age or poor credit rating.

The Benefit of Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid cards offer financial security and freedom from debt. How? Well, it is very simple. These cards, as they are named, are "pre-loaded or previously funded" cards. You are required to load these cards with cash before you can use them. And you are allowed to spend only the same amount as you have loaded– they only allow you to spend money that you have and not go beyond your financial capabilities. This means that there is no possibility of overspending and paying for exorbitant overdraft charges later on.

There is also no need for credit checks with these cards given that they really involve no "credit" or a deferred payment scheme. Prepaid cards can be used for most of the usual credit card transactions – telephone, internet or mail order shopping. However, they can not be used for transactions wherein your card would normally need to be pre-authorized before the full cost of your purchase is known. They are convenient, are not they? So, where can you purchase these cards from?

Where to Purchase Prepaid Credit Cards – Your Choices

You can purchase prepaid credit cards online and through some in-store card providers. A lot of people find applying for a card online a more convenient option compared to going to a prepaid card outlet. Both options will require you to wait for your card to be delivered to your home via mail. But who are the best online and in-store providers?


These are several prepaid credit cards you can apply for via the internet, you can visit a payment network like Visa, Mastercard or American Express and check out their list of online card issuers.


You can visit these stores to purchase a prepaid credit card:

1. Walgreens
2. Rite Aid
3. Walmart
4. Albertsons
5. Kroger

A lot of people regard prepaid cards as a more financially secure version of the traditional charge cards. They allow you to set your spending limit according to your financial capacities and as well as enjoy the benefits of shopping with the so-called "powerful plastic." I hope you have found the article as an appropriate help to your question of where to purchase prepaid credit cards.

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